OPS is an engineering, construction-management and inspections company offering both onsite and offsite representation of our clients in the oil and gas industry. We act as a single-source third party offering resources through all phases of design, project planning, and construction. From commencement to completion, it is our resolution to exceed our clients expectations. 

OPS offers a unique approach in that we utilize a highly skilled, experienced, and multi-disciplined team of talent. 

Due to the extensive hands on field experience and training, each member of the inspection team is able to multi-function in several positions. 

By reducing the amount of individual personnel required, this streamlined approach  creates fluid communication between the client, contractor, and inspection team and have proven to greatly decrease client cost while effectively increasing productivity. 

our commitment to safety

about us

OPS inspectors have intransigent commitment to the safety of all employees, contractors, and subcontractors. We see to meet or exceed OSHA and regulatory standards by implementing policies and procedures that are relevant and pertinent to ensure that safety is never compromised. we lead by example by creating a positive work environment through interpersonal communication, positive reinforcement, milestone celebrations, safety awards, and monthly luncheons.